Weird Wrapping Paper

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For those who are afraid of paper cuts, there is plenty of weird wrapping paper to choose from. There are even some that are designed for horror fans. Aileen Wuornos has a very creepy story that you must read to appreciate her unique wrapping paper. She has an image of a blue rose and a frightening face and it is free! Here are some of the best weird wrapping papers available. If you’re not sure which one to purchase, check out the list below.

The name WAP means Wonderful Amazing Person. This wrapping paper is perfect for fans of the singer Cardi B. She has a wide fan base, so she is sure to love it! You can purchase WAP wrapping paper from The Foxy Lemon Co. You can even buy WAP greeting cards! This is just a small sampling of the many weird wrapping papers available. If you’re feeling creative, you can buy some of the most hilarious Christmas wrapping papers online.

If you’re looking for wrapping paper with a unique theme, look no further than Kickstarter. There are many companies selling weird wrapping paper. The Foxy Lemon Co offers a variety of designs that will make you laugh. There’s also a wrapping paper with Prison Mike, a character from the show The Office. Purchasing this gift wrap is not cheap, but you’ll be glad you did. The company even sells coordinating labels, so you can give your gift in style.

If you’re looking for more unique wrapping paper, there’s a crowdfunding campaign for a line of wacky Christmas wrapping paper. You can even buy a custom piece of wrapping paper that features a quote from your favorite comedians or cartoons. Despite its wacky theme, a quirky twist is always fun to give. If you’re not a fan of Christmas, then you can still get some fun with these quirky designs.