Star Trek Wrapping Paper – Christmas Gifts With Star Trek on It

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Sort: newest | popular    Showing 1 - 4 of 4 products.  

For the ultimate Star Trek fan, the Star Trek Collection is the perfect way to celebrate the holidays. Available in 36″ x 24″ sheets, Star Wars wrapping paper features a variety of iconic characters and Christmas puns. You can also get large sheets for decoupage and craft projects, and they’re perfect for a photo booth backdrop! All of the designs are reusable and will last for many years. They are bundled in plastic sleeved packaging, and the collection includes card sets, luggage tags, bookmarks, calendars, stickers, and more.

If you’re buying for a Star Trek fan, you might want to purchase the appropriate gift wrapping paper. You could also try a set of Delta insignias, which represent your starship duty. Bottle stoppers in the shape of the delta are the perfect choice for a Trekkie’s off-duty hours. And of course, no Trek collection is complete without a Where’s Spock book. This adventure follows Spock throughout intergalactic space, stopping to look for aliens, strange landscapes, and other crew members. You can even get framed versions of these certificates.

Star Trek fans will find plenty of gifts to match their favorite show, including mugs, posters, and even wrapping paper. Although they don’t usually like cosplay, it’s a great way to give someone special in your life a Star Wars themed gift. The coolest part is that they can even have a message from a Starfleet Academy alum on their gift! You’ll love this unique touch.

Star Trek fans may also have a soft spot for cats. The “Star Trek Cats” book by Jenny Parks will have cat lovers begging for more! Featuring adorable illustrations of intergalactic felines, the book will be the perfect addition to any Star Trek fan’s gift-giving collection. If you’re buying an earring, don’t forget to purchase the Starship Enterprise necklace or earrings. The gift will be remembered by your loved one for years to come.

You can also purchase the Klingon mouse pad, which is inspired by the film’s iconic scene. The Klingons’ famous escape line, “The Vulcan salute,” was inspired by the bird of prey. The two-sided design of the mug features a tiny hand salute and a Vulcan in a mug. The emoji-themed mug is available in two sizes.

If you’re looking for an original gift, consider a “Star Trek” communicator. This miniature replica of the communicator used in “Star Trek: The Original Series” was the first series to feature a comm system for communication. It’s a collectible, and it also comes with a 48-page history book. If you’re looking for something unique for a “Star” fan, consider a pair of these authentic, vintage, and vintage-inspired t-shirts.