Cow Wrapping Paper

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Our cow wrapping paper comes in a range of styles to suit all occasions. Made from quality 115g silk paper, it is supplied folded and shipped in a board-backed envelope. Its illustrations are taken from original watercolour and pencil paintings. This gift wrap makes a great gift for a friend or loved one. Whether you’re sending a gift to a boy or girl, it will surely make their day!

This wrapping paper is ideal for birthdays and Christmas presents. It is 100% natural and comes in a variety of designs, including cute cows. It is made from sustainable, renewable resources, and is easy to wash and compost. It is also reusable. It is available in different colors and sizes. The paper is crafted from organic cotton and sustainably harvested beeswax. The inks used are water-based and biodegradable.

These sheets are 100% biodegradable. Eco-wrapping sheets are washable and compostable, and contain no chemicals. They’re made from organic cotton, tree resin, and beeswax. They’re a green gift wrapping solution! You can even plant the cow’s horns in soil to see how it grows. The wrapping paper can even be used to grow flowers in a garden!

Our cow wrapping paper is environmentally friendly. It contains no plastic and is made from recycled newsprint. It has no added chemicals and is 100 percent recyclable. It comes in a set of three pre-cut sheets. The sheet can be reused as drawer liners and even used as art. The bright and vibrant prints of our gift wrap make it a perfect gift for your friend or family member! If you’re looking for a unique gift wrap, we’ve got you covered.

These wrapping sheets are a great way to make your gifts eco-friendly. They come in sets of three pre-cut sheets and are perfect for gift wrapping. The cows are adorable and make a great gift for a friend. Whether you’re buying them for yourself or for someone else, these gifts will be the envy of the neighborhood. So, start giving a gift and do it with style and class by using eco-friendly gifts.

Cow wrapping paper is a great gift for men. It has the added benefit of being environmentally friendly, making it the perfect gift for a man who loves animals. And if you’re not sure where to find it, look online. There are many options available online. You can find the perfect gift wrap for your recipient using our free, downloadable printable templates. They’ll be delighted to receive it! If you’re looking for a unique gift, cow wrapping paper is a great choice!

Cow wrapping paper is eco-friendly and biodegradable. The wrapper gift wrap is inspired by the furoshiki fabric. It’s beautiful and organic. The designer team behind the product has used recycled materials and organic materials for the paper. The animal-free cow gift wrap is the best present for anyone who is concerned about the environment. There are plenty of benefits to eco-friendly wrapping paper. So, consider it the next time you’re shopping for a gift.